Over its 50 years in the construction domain, Hijazi Contracting has mastered the practice of employing advanced aluminum façade and glazing services, and has become a provider of total architectural solutions.
Curtain Walls

Dating back to the 1930’s, aluminum curtain walls have evolved and not stopped developing since then. The design complexity and shapes obtainable are nearly limitless. Custom shapes can be designed and contrived to provide a façade with Remarkable benefits.


Hijazi Contracting provides curtain walls with impressive architectural impact, adding the natural lighting to the inner space, providing the tenants with a panoramic view, and contributing to Green Buildings construction.

Doors, Windows, and Partitions

Hijazi Contracting produces aluminum doors and windows of all systems, ranging from simple cold profiles casements to high performance insulated lift & slide doors, to the spectacular slim system doors exceeding an area of 20m2 per leaf.

In addition, we produce high quality internal partitions with double glazing infills and imbedded curtains, thus providing extended privacy and noise insulation.


Following the specific needs of different projects, Hijazi contracting offers different types of louvers, mainly the framed louvers of technical areas and architectural louvers with clipable fixation system providing seamless continuous view. In addition, we supply oval shape louvers, vertical louvers, sand trap louvers, and others.

Spider System Facades & Shop Fronts

Due to its visual attractiveness, spider facades are commonly used on commercial buildings providing maximum daylight for interiors and creating premium building skins.

Hijazi Contracting provides complete end-to-end services that include design, engineering, fabrication and installation of outperforming spider facades, in terms of functionality, durability, & aesthetics.

Skylights & Canopies

Hijazi Contracting design different types of Skylights and Canopies, either straight or curved, using stainless steel or steel structures, with the glass resting on the structure or carried by spider arms and glass clamps.

Not only do we offer all the necessary material, designs and tools, but we bring practical know-how and extended expertise to the table, for the construction of any skylight project.


Hijazi Contracting provides many types of glass for the creation of simple to complex balustrades. We provide the expertise to the design, production, installation, and maintenance of balustrades, whether using straight or curved tempered glass, embedded or face mounted fixation.

Glass Stairs & Landings

Interior architects are using tempered glass staircases and landings to create visually uncut and unobstructed spaces, with an abundance of light.

There are many ways to build glass staircases, whether suspended by metal rods and elements or supported by a metal or glass panel structure. Whichever the type and suspension technique, straight or curved, Hijazi Contracting has experience in designing and building creatively challenging and beautiful staircases made of tempered glass.