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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass produced by exposing the row glass to heat then suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air.

It is capable of resisting mechanical shocks five times more than ordinary glass. If broken by a violent shock, Tempered Glass turns to small harmless fragments, therefore less likely to cause injury. Tempered glass is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations. We are able to produce tempered glass through our own tempering lines.


Curved Tempered Glass

Curved glass allows architects to create more visually attractive and unique structures to the building. It provides a significant aesthetic sense and eliminates the harsh angles in the façade.

Curved tempered glass is a multifaceted process where it is automatically bent to a specific radius during the tempering process.
It is possible to curve transparent, white and colored glass, reflecting surface glass, sandblasted glass, chemically treated glass, and thermally-printed glass for thicknesses ranging between 06mm & 19mm. 


Laminated & Tempered Laminated Glass 

Laminated glass is used for a variety of applications where safety is a concern, such as overhead glazing, balustrades, glass walls, and others.

It is intended to remain intact or to break in such a way as to reduce risk and enhance safety. 
In addition, laminated glass enhance the thermal and acoustic performance of the façade in a spectacular way, with special interlayers that offer outstanding noise reduction.
Laminated Glass is manufactured by combining two or more panes of glass with one or more PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) interlayers. The interlayers ensure the integrity of the glass by holding the broken pieces together in place if any damage occurs.
Other methods of lamination are available at Hijazi glass factories, such as the superb performing EVA safe lamination from Bridgestone, and liquid Resin Lamination, each of which serves a technical purpose.


Insulating Glass Units 

Insulating glass units (IGU) are used where the thermal and solar performance of the glass is a key factor. It reduces the cooling loads greatly since the dry air is a poor conductor of heat, argon gas provides even a better insulation performance.

Insulating glass is produced by combining two or more panes of glass separated by dry air or Argon gas and sealed with a special silicon. With the use of advanced vacuum IGU bonding machine, we produce the best quality IGU.


Ceramic Frit Glass 

Also called Silk Printed glass, it is used for the versatile choices it provides and the variety in color and graphic design which could also be custom-made to meet architectural needs.

This decorative glass is made by printing a layer of ceramic paint on the surface of glass through a silk screen. It also reduces glare and undesired solar energy. 





Sand-Blasted Glass 

To achieve privacy and maintain light transmission, while providing different design patterns, sand blasted glass is typically used.

An automatic sandblasting machine uses sand (aluminum oxide) to create lines, illustrations, and logos on the glass surface. The pressure of the machine, in addition to the roughness of the sand, can be controlled to achieve attractive designs with different depths of carving.


Bullet Proof Glass 

Bullet Proof Glass is constructed using a strong but transparent material such as polycarbonate of variable thickness.

The desired result is a material with an appearance and light-transmitting behavior of standard glass but offering protection from light arms fire. It is recommended for bank counters and windows, financial institutions, post offices and armored cars.


Electric Shading Glass 

Also called Smart glass or switchable glass, is a laminated glass comprising of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film attached on or between two layers of glass with conductive interlayers.

When electricity current is applied to the PDLC film, the liquid crystals line up changing the glass from opaque to clear. Conversely, when electricity is off, the liquid crystals return to their initial dispersed positions changing the glass back to opaque.


Special Performance Glass 

To satisfy the clients demand for high performance building envelopes, we provide glass with special performance for different requirements. 

On clear or extra-clear glass substrates, either non-coated or coated surface, with solar, thermal, or anti-reflective coatings supplied from the top glass manufacturers in Europe, we can supply all of these and many more types of glass with unique characteristics.