ALCOBOND® Aluminum Composite Panel are composites comprising a skin of two aluminum sheets sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continuous and integrated co-extrusion process.  

ALCOBOND® is designed for exterior and high stress use, for interior and lighter exterior applications.  Under a special research program, ALCOBOND® strive to formulate and provide the customers with the most effective yet price efficient panels.

ALCOBOND® are formulated using only the finest raw materials and meet the most exacting American and international standards by independent testing agencies, such as ASTM (USA), British Standards (BS), ISO 9001:2 (UKAS Quality Management), and European and German Standards (DIN & EN).

ALCOBOND® panels are lightweight and therefore easy to process with simple tools, featuring superb impact resistance, torsion strength, and bending rigidity and strength under heavy loads.  They are guaranteed against risks such as de-lamination, deformation, and loss of color fidelity and de-glossing, and can be easily cleaned with water, requiring next to no maintenance. 

Strong yet Flexible, Light yet Durable…

ALCOBOND® uses only premium aluminum alloys, tempered to create the optimal balance between strength, lightness and ductility. The inner face of each aluminum skin is chromated for better adhesion to the core of the panel, and the reverse side of the panel is PE coated, which ensures ease of routering and clean, smooth edges when cut. The adhesive used is also of the finest quality, only DuPont® (USA or France), which utilizes a unified chemical and physical bonding process. 

The thermoplastic core of high quality Low Density Polyethylene has a remarkable molecular structure with a high degree of long and short branching chains from its carbon backbone, which lend it extraordinary properties of being incredibly flexible, and tough to the point of being almost unbreakable.