Aluminum Systems

Hijazi Contracting is a bespoke façade company providing the market with top of the range aluminum systems. We provide European and National systems fulfilling the needs of projects with different design requirements. Here below are the main systems that Hijazi Contracting implements in its projects.


Established since 1814, and with its many decades of experience in the field of modular systems and with major projects, Hueck has become an expert for sophisticated faced constructions.

Hueck has extensive knowledge from the concept through to its implementation and experience gained from more than 1,000 objects successfully completed throughout the world. This is why Hueck’s customers can be sure that they are provided with perfect aluminum façade systems that not only stand out on account of their elegant appearance but are also easy to mount thanks to a great number of standardized components.

Hijazi Contracting and Hueck Systems has a profound partnership to provide the market with challenging engineering solutions.

Below are some projects executed worldwide using Hueck Systems.


Sapa Building Systems is a major force in the UK fenestration industry. They offer architects, contractors, developers, fabricators, installers and clients a wide range of innovative solutions for Curtain Walling and Façades, Doors, Windows and Specialist Applications.

Backed by the resources of the Sapa Group, Sapa develop and market high value-added profiles in aluminium. Their business concept is built on a close co-operation with our customers in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. In the UK, Sapa Group has extensive multi-site extruding, re-melt, anodising and polyester powder coating facilities, offering total control and a fast and co-operative response.    

Hijazi Contracting is an authorized fabricator of Sapa Systems.

Below are some projects executed worldwide using Sapa Building Systems.


Technal offers a unique range of aluminium systems, curtain walling, doors, and windows for the building industry. With 50 years of creation and innovation, Technal has established an unrivalled reputation, and has become a market leader in Europe in aluminium joinery in all type of sectors, industries, services, housing, focusing in comfort of living and sustainability.

Hijazi Contracting is an authorized fabricator of Technal Systems.

In addition, we have a long experience in the design and fabrication of local Sidem Systems.

Below are some projects executed worldwide using Technal Systems.